Design challenge:

Design a 21st century learning space in a school, starting from one (or more) of three traditional school spaces: classroom, media/technology lab, or library.

What are key phrases, features, characteristics of 21st century learning that you will incorporate into your design? What mindset will be manifested in the space? What will it look like?


Part 1 --> Goal is to align mission/vision and goals on a language level first (the 'elevator pitch' if you will) before trying to craft 'space' and arrangements.

Part 2 --> initial 'story' concepts for each space (with only a hint of a 'drawing')

Part 3 --> creating concept sketches that 'tell the story' of each team's vision. Key: focus on 'relationships' between spaces rather than 'ruler'/perfect space drawings. Better to be messy and energetic than to be rigid at this point.

Part 4 --> Create your own page on this wiki to share your concept or idea.


Perkins Five Facets:


Design/Drawing Tools:

Learning Space Design Seminar with Christian Long - CSED 7761